JMT MyDecoder is a range of products aimed at reading DCC signals for the management of exchanges and accessories.

Mega! This accessory decoder is purely an Arduino shield that allows you to control up to 60 independent outputs. It is not necessary, as for other third-party decoders, to plan their use in advance: in fact it works through a configuration file.

Set up your decoder in 4 easy steps! By accessing the user area it will be possible to use a generator for the configuration document. We will choose the type of decoder, which functions it will have to manage, we will identify the DCC addresses and outputs of the decoder and finally we will feed the configuration file to the hardware via a micro SD card. Does it still seem difficult? Try it!

Specifications of the JMT MyDecoder Mega

  • 16V AC power supply
  • Independent outputs: 60
  • Configuration: via JMT MyDecoderConfig micro SD at each power up
  • Maximum current for each output 500mA
  • Possibility to install a capacitor (included) to create an incandescent lamp effect
  • Output voltage: 15V, common positive pole
  • Compatible with Windigipet and Mafen signals